Isager - Spinni 100 gr

SPINNI is a single ply wool.

In the olden days in Iceland this yarn was hand spun and preferably so fine that a finished shawl could be pulled through a finger ring.

Spinni is not quite as fine and we use the yarn in many different ways. When used on its own it is very suitable for lace shawls and one of its qualities is that it keeps its shape, so a scarf or shawl will not ‘collapse’.

As Spinni is a single yarn spun in a single direction, it is not really suitable for knitting stocking stitch in the round. The knitted fabric will have a tendency to skew. If working in the round in a textured pattern this will not normally be a problem.

In a multicoloured work Spinni will often be used as one of the yarns and with its beautiful and characteristic structure it is a lovely element in the knitted fabric.

Spinni: 3 mm needles = 26 sts/ 30 rows
Spinni + Alpaca 1: 3 mm needles = 24 sts/ 28 rows
Spinni + Alpaca 2: 3,5 mm needles = 20 sts/ 26 rows
Spinni + Silk Mohair: 4 mm needles= 18 sts/ 24 rows

100% wool (single ply)
Meterage 600 m in 100 g
The yarn is spun and dyed in Denmark

17,90 CHF 17.900000000000002 CHF 17,90 CHF

17,90 CHF

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